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See What BIOSUPERFOOD users are saying:
"I am giving this product to my cats. I have one cat with chronic kidney disease. I have been giving 1 capsule every day for 1 year and a half. The vet is amazed how well she has been doing, however, her disease. Her fur is shiny and her teeth the vet said "are beautiful". My cat is full of energy. My other cat has IBD and also I am giving her the same product. I never see any side effect. On the contrary, I am seeing that improve their health. I recommend giving this product any sick pet."

"Once I increased my dosage and was taking it regularly for a couple of weeks I noticed a definite increase in my overall energy level. I have a feeling most people who don't rate this product highly give up on it too soon because there can be some minor "discomforts" at first. This is usually a sign that your body is in some sort of detoxification mode and could really use this BioSuperfood! The first time I took it I had a loss of appetite which went away quickly. My sister noticed a slight headache when she first began taking it, but that also went away. I have a disease of the endocrine system and before and after blood work levels of have improved since taking the BioSuperfood.

"By using this every morning I have experienced a massive reduction in inflammatory pain from the systemic/chronic illness am fighting, and increased physical and mental energy - a major help...have more productivity on average than before, and lots less pain. So anyway, these particular blue-green and red algae were selected over decades of work from thousands of variants within the species; and grown with unusually pure and controlled conditions. Dr. Kiriac developed them because he lost 5 family members to cancer and he studied cellular nutrition and biochemistry and medicine, then algae, to make a difference for health."
-H. Shanm