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Light Grey Salt (Shaker Jar)
Light Grey Salt (Shaker Jar)
Light Grey Salt (Shaker Jar)

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Light Grey Salt (shaker jar)

Vital Minerals and Exquisite Taste

You're sure to appreciate the easy convenience of this sturdy shaker jar, packed with a full half pound of our coarse Light Grey Celtic Sea Salt! Keep one at the table or on your kitchen stove. Also makes a great gift!

The story of Celtic Sea Salt® began thousands of years ago, when the Celts discovered a way to harvest salt from the ocean using the sun, the wind, and shallow clay ponds. Pristine ocean channels spiral water into the concentrating ponds. The live flowing mixture is carefully stirred by the salt farmer, and dazzling crystals form and are gathered by hand. The ionizing action of the clay, combined with the artisan’s skillful method, passed down through generations, enlivens the unique, bioavailable array of trace elements that exist in a perfectly balanced matrix. Then as now, Celtic Sea Salt® is unparalleled in the world. Less than 1% of the world’s salt harvest has the artisinal quality of Celtic Sea Salt®. Pure, moist, biologically active, and free from any chemicals or additives, Celtic Sea Salt® is salt the way it is meant to be. We travel throughout the great salt-producing regions, hand-selecting only the best quality to become Celtic Sea Salt®. Each harvest is carefully inspected to ensure that the salt meets our uncompromising standards of harvesting, mineral content, taste, texture, smell, color, and crystal integrity. Only then can it bare the name of Celtic Sea Salt®.

Over time, studies investigating the link between sodium and high blood pressure have produced mixed results. Numerous scientific studies now indicate that a balance of minerals is necessary and more beneficial than eliminating sodium. Nationally known experts such as Dr. Andrew Weil are recognizing that when minerals are fractionated and processed, they undergo a mutation that can result in many health problems. Others, like Esteban Genoa, MD, believe that eating a diet with a natural balance of sodium, magnesium and potassium may actually help to lower blood pressure and promote good health. “I’ve enjoyed using Celtic Sea Salt® for several years now. It enhances the flavor of whole foods and provides me and my family with a superior source of trace minerals.” -Dr. Christiane Northrup, author Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom

Your body uses high mineral salts to create electrolytes. Electrolytes, the sparks of life, carry electrical currents throughout the body- sending messages and instructions to cells in all bodily systems. Electrolytes are also necessary for enzyme production. Enzymes are responsible for breaking down food, absorbing nutrients, muscle function, hormone production and more. Electrolytes and enzymes are also linked to healthy immune function, proper regulation of bodily fluids, and adrenal health.
Also, Celtic Sea Salt® Bath Crystals make a soothing high-mineral soak that many have reported using successfully in the treatment of symptoms associated with arthritis & sore muscles. Fine Ground Celtic Sea Salt® makes a very effective nasal wash and gargle- a blessing for those who suffer from colds, allergies or sinus trouble!

Using Celtic Sea Salt® for all your cooking needs will enrich the taste of your foods while it also adds vital nutrients to your diet. Just as a fresh ocean breeze awakens the senses, the flavor of Celtic Sea Salt® invigorates any dish. The unique flavor of Celtic Sea Salt® has made it popular with chefs the world over.

“Celtic Sea Salt® is the salt I use in all my recipes. Its flavor harmonizes beautifully with all other ingredients, and its nutrient profile is the best around.” Meredith McCarty, author Sweet and Natural

“The coarse Celtic Sea Salt is truly stunning. It adds a clean, refined, elegant note to the food, and helps to enhance natural flavor. I’ve had a love affair with this product for over 10 years!” Chef Charlie Trotter, Charlie Trotter’s Restaurant

Celtic Sea Salt® is under kosher supervision. We have permission to display a Hedsher symbol on the salt labels. This permission is obtained through inspection by a Rabbi, who makes unannounced visits. The Rabbi inspects the facility, with emphasis on the salt room procedures, purchasing documents and cleaning products used. The guidelines for packaging the salt are posted inside and just outside the salt room. Our salt is considered Parve (pronounced par-v), meaning it is neither a meat or a dairy food, but a neutral one. Our salt is also acceptable for use during Passover, a designation not found on many mainstream products.

Size 8 oz.
Shelf Life Indefinite


Glass, ceramic or wood with loose fitting lid
Kosher Yes

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