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Physician’s Strength is the world leader in wild spice oil technology. Specializing in powerful antiseptic oils, Physician’s Strength supplements are ideal for those who seek effective alternatives to orthodox drugs.

Moreover, these supplements are derived from a novel source which is rare: 100% wild, mountain-grown spices. These supplements are based on a plethora of modern research, including a number of studies done at Georgetown University.

Made without excipients, fillers, and flow agents, these wild-source supplements offer the purity and potency which practitioners need, all through the most minimally processed raw materials conceivable.

Many of these raw materials are handpicked in remote sources by villagers and herbalists. The power of raw, wild nature—that’s what makes Physician’s Strength so potent.

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SinuClenz Nasal Spray (2 fl. oz.) NeuroHemp Extra Strength 1 fl. oz.