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Zinc Plus Selenium (30 Caps) Zinc Plus Selenium (30 Caps)

Zinc Plus Selenium

Zinc deficiency is a widespread concern for people around the world Ė nearly 1 in 3 individuals may be deficient. Because the signs of a zinc deficiency mimic those of other common disorders, itís often overlooked.

Even if youíre getting enough zinc in your diet, certain conditions can keep you from absorbing and utilizing this vital mineral. Stress, pregnancy, eating a vegetarian diet or one thatís high in grains, legumes, seeds and nuts, and simply being over 60 puts you at a higher risk of being deficient.

Zinc plays a critical role in immune function, healthy cell growth, and a healthy inflammatory response, so you want to make sure a zinc deficiency isnít affecting your health.*

Selenium is another mineral that may be just as important as zinc for healthy cells and overall health support.* However, when it comes to supplements, not all selenium supplements are the same.

Studies show that a specific form of standardized selenium-enriched yeast is a more effective form. It is the full protein form of selenium compared with a single amino acid form like selenomethionine, which is more commonly found in selenium supplements and in multivitamins.

This bioavailable fermented yeast (contains no unhealthy active yeast!) is able to accumulate and incorporate selenium right into the protein structure. This helps to significantly reduce the biomarkers for oxidative stress in your body.

Many parts of the U.S. as well as Europe, Australia, Russia, New Zealand and China have low soil levels of selenium, increasing your risk for deficiency.

Because supplementing with any type of zinc can reduce your copper, an important micronutrient, Dr. Mercola has added a very small amount of copper to our Zinc Plus Selenium.

Donít take chances. Order our bioavailable and balanced Zinc Plus Selenium today for your peace of mind for healthy cells, a healthy immune response, your cognitive health, as well as a healthy metabolism, bones, and vision

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Astaxanthin 4mg (30 Caps) Astaxanthin 4mg (30 Caps)

Astaxanthin 4mg

Many antioxidants, even some of the more potent ones, are unable to cross both your blood-brain and blood-retinal barriers to reach your brain, nervous system, and eyes.

Astaxanthin is different. It has the rare ability to cross these protective barriers to help protect your brain and eye tissue from free radicals and other substances that can cause oxidative damage, inflammation, and faster cellular aging.

Thatís not all that makes astaxanthin stand apart from other antioxidants. It not only can handle multiple free radicals at one time (as many as 19!), it acts on at least five different inflammation pathways to support your bodyís healthy normal inflammatory response.
Plus, astaxanthin has up to 6,000 times the quenching power of other well-known antioxidants.

Because astaxanthin can reach just about every cell in your body, it offers astounding potential for many functions, including cellular energy production, cognitive and psychomotor function, eye and skin health, immune function, and cardiovascular health as well.

Dr. Mercola has combined organic astaxanthin with valuable ALA, or alpha-linolenic acid, which provides important cardiovascular support.

This Organic Astaxanthin with ALA (4 mg) stands apart from other astaxanthin formulas in three key ways:

  • He uses only Organic Astaxanthin from microalgae, the preferred source Haematococcus pluvialis extract
  • His astaxanthin is grown in pure, clean glass tubes, rather than contaminated open ponds like other products, and is untouched by chemical solvents, preservatives, plasticizers and residues
  • Contains 300 mg of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), a plant omega-3 fatty acid from Perilla Seed Oil, in a base of Organic Olive Oil for enhanced absorption

Get the real deal with Dr. Mercola's Organic Astaxanthin with ALA (4 mg) and find out for yourself why itís known as The King of the Antioxidants!

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Berberine and MicroPQQ (30 Caps) Berberine and MicroPQQ (30 Caps)

Berberine and MicroPQQ

Researchers have discovered that your mitochondria Ė those powerful energy factories within your cells Ė actually drive your bodyís cellular aging.

As you grow older, three things happen to your mitochondria:

  • They undergo damage and mutations that affect their function.
  • These damaged mitochondria accumulate in your cells.
  • Your cells produce fewer new mitochondria.

Bottom line, the greater the number of mitochondria in your body and the healthier their functioning, the greater your odds are of living a long, healthy life. So how can you give your mitochondria the support they need to remain healthy?

Two nutrients have been found to support mitochondrial health in very unique ways: Berberine and PQQ (Pyrroloquinoline quinone). Dr. Mercola's special formula of Berberine and MicroPQQ Advanced provides a two-punch approach to optimizing your mitochondrial and your metabolic health in addition to helping:

  • Protect your mitochondria from oxidative damage.
  • Promote the growth of new mitochondria.
  • Support neurological and cognitive function.
  • Support immune and cardiovascular health.
  • Prevent harmful fat deposits and encourages fat burning.
  • Promote insulin, leptin and adiponectin function for a healthy metabolism.
  • Support healthy blood sugar levels already in the normal range.
  • Promote healthy insulin sensitivity.
  • Promote the growth of healthy gut microflora.
  • Support healthy lipid metabolism.

Dr. Mercola's Berberine and MicroPQQ Advanced differs from other Berberine or PQQ supplements in five important ways:

  • It combines two mitochondrial health nutrients essential for their critical roles in up regulating and down regulating important biochemical pathways.
  • Patented MicroPQQ is more than twice as effective (2.2 times to be exact) as regular PQQ, so 10 mg provides the same benefits as 20 mg of regular PQQ.
  • MicroPQQ stays in your bloodstream longer, nine hours compared to only two or three hours for regular PQQ. Longer blood exposure may mean greater potential benefits.
  • It is specially formulated to enhance absorption through sustained release of PQQ for higher availability.
  • This product is very stable and can complete thousands of redox/antioxidant cycles instead of self-oxidizing and turning inactive.

If youíre lucky, you may have as long as a decade before changes in your mitochondrial function become irreversible. Of course, thereís no way to know when those changes first started to occur. The clock truly is ticking.

Take action today to support your mitochondrial function, and order Dr. Mercola's Berberine and MicroPQQ Advanced

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Magnesium L-Threonate (90 Caps) Magnesium L-Threonate (90 Caps)

Magnesium L-Threonate

As you grow older, your body becomes less efficient in absorbing important vitamins and minerals. So, despite a healthy diet rich in fresh organic vegetables, you may still come up short in certain nutrients. One such mineral is magnesium. Experts believe that as many as 80% of Americans donít get enough. Because there are no reliable lab tests for magnesium, you have no way of knowing where you stand. Fatigue and weakness may be your only clues that youíre low!

Magnesium is essential for building both your bones, DNA and genetic materials. It also supports the bodyís normal detoxification process.*

Delivering 2,000 mg of patented Magteinô magnesium L-threonate, Dr. Mercola's Magnesium L-Threonate is the preferred form over other types of magnesium for several reasons, including...

  • Having superior absorption characteristics of any form of magnesium.
  • Having high-cellular penetration characteristics, allowing it to cross your blood-brain barrier and penetrate cell membranes.
  • Significantly reducing GI discomfort Ė, unlike other forms of magnesium that can cause gastrointestinal discomfort and loose stools, magnesium L-threonate does not act as a laxative.

Plus, Magnesium L-Threonate does not contain any genetically engineered (GE) ingredients nor does it contain magnesium stearate, a form of magnesium that he does not recommend.

Donít allow yourself to be one of the 80% who may be running low, and order your Magnesium L-Threonate today.

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