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Why Arthur Andrew:
Arthur Andrew Medical was founded on a very simple principle: Provide products that actually work.
They focus on enzyme and probiotic-based dietary supplements so that they can deliver the most advanced product line possible. Arthur Andrew Medical is not an “us too” company that simply launches new products based on fads or trends. They put countless hours into creating products and formulas that they are proud to stand behind, and are confident will provide you with real results.

In spite of being in business for over a decade, their product lineup is relatively simple. This is because they formulate each product to offer a diverse set of benefits in an effort to minimize the amount of products necessary to maintain your health. The team at Arthur Andrew Medical provides you with over a century of expertise in the nutrition industry with a specific emphasis on enzymes and probiotics.

Their intent is to continue being pioneers of the health industry by developing novel products with the utmost integrity in manufacturing, marketing, and customer service. Since the day they were founded, they have believed in doing things the right way—not the easiest or quickest way—to ensure that they maintain the highest standard of integrity.
With that, Arthur Andrew Medical hopes your experience with their products will demonstrate their commitment to you, your health, and the health of your family and friends.
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Arthur Andrew Medical- Femesse 240 Femesse (240 Capsules)

Arthur Andrew Medical - Femese

Supports beautiful skin, firm breast tissue, and healthy hormone levels.

Women of all ages are affected by shifts in their hormone levels. These changes can affect their physical appearance, bodily functions, and quality of life. Without proper hormone balance, women may experience some (if not all) of the following:

• Changes in breast appearance
• Decline in skin elasticity
• Painful periods
• Moodiness
• Fatigue
• Weight gain

Due to the unbalanced levels of natural hormones and increased exposure to harmful exogenous sources of estrogen, these symptoms have become far too common. In fact, the symptoms of imbalanced hormones are thought by many to be the status quo. But there’s good news; women can begin to feel comfortable again with Femesse. As a safe and natural product designed to normalize hormonal activity and remove exogenous factors, women will be back on track to looking beautiful and feeling their best.
Eastern and integrative medicine tell us that our organ systems influence external features of the human body. From this, we know that the hormonal system dictates skin and breast health. When the hormonal system is unbalanced and not working optimally due to toxicity and nutritional deficiencies, women typically experience an unfavorable difference in skin and breast tissue.

Femesse is a proprietary combination of herbal extracts, vitamins, minerals, and botanicals specifically designed to support firm and beautiful breast tissue, healthy supple skin, and balanced hormone levels. Femesse may also assist in limiting many uncomfortable symptoms associated with the menstrual cycle and menopause. The goal of Femesse is to support health and beauty on the inside so that women can obtain the ultimate sense of wellbeing and beauty on the outside.

How Femesse Works

Femesse works with the female body and supplies key nutrients like maitake mushroom, evening primrose, vitamin E, selenium, zinc, and other natural herbs that can support the liver and detoxification systems of the body, as well as promote hormone, skin, and glandular tissue health.

Since the liver is the primary site for hormone processing, Femesse provides vital support for this detoxification system. Healthy liver function is also essential for providing relief from PMS (premenstrual syndrome).

Maintaining glandular health is essential since women’s breasts and hormone-producing organs are made up of this sensitive tissue. As women age, hormone levels drop dramatically, resulting in dehydrated, sagging skin and breast tissue. Glandular tissue is responsible for giving a woman’s breast its firmness. When hormone levels are low, the glandular tissue begins to shrivel and is replaced by fat. This change in the breast tissue causes the breasts to become softer and lose their support. While the proprietary herbal blend of Femesse does not contain hormones itself, it does supply Pueraria Mirifica, a key nutrient and phytoestrogen, that may support the body’s ability to produce normal and healthy amounts of female hormones. Femesse provides the tools needed to keep these organs looking, feeling, and functioning their best. Women will quickly begin to see and feel the difference.

Femesse Ingredients
Vitamin E

A powerful antioxidant that is known as a natural anti-aging nutrient. Vitamin E can protect cells in the body from free radicals and is required for the proper functioning of hormone-producing organs. This vitamin strengthens capillaries in the skin, thereby improving moisture and elasticity. Vitamin E also helps to reduce cramping, anxiety, and cravings that are associated with PMS, while regulating the menstrual cycle and significantly improving immune function.
Vitamin B6 – As a vitamin in the B complex family, vitamin B6 plays a major role in maintaining a healthy nervous system and metabolism. It is also essential for normal liver function as well as skin and eye health. B6 plays a role in most major functions of the body by carrying oxygen in red blood cells, balancing blood sugar levels, and creating antibodies for proper immune function.


Another B vitamin, Folate is also known as folic acid. Folate is a water-soluble vitamin that is responsible for supporting nerve and immune function, and synthesizing DNA. Those without enough Folate can become anemic. Folate supports a healthy pregnancy, heart health, brain function, and healthy glandular tissue.


A type of metal that is an essential trace mineral. This metal is needed in small amounts every day in order to maintain many necessary functions of the body. Zinc supports healthy hormone production, strong immune function, normal liver function, and healthy digestion.


A trace mineral that plays an important role in the human body. Selenium increases the availability and capabilities of all antioxidants. Without selenium, antioxidants would not be able to scavenge free radicals and inflammation would be uncontrollable. Selenium boosts immunity, improves blood flow, and regulates thyroid function.

Dong Quai

Used for centuries as a female tonic, Dong Quai also known as “female ginseng,” is a natural herb that produces a relaxing effect on the muscles of the uterus, thereby promoting comfortable menstruation. Dong Quai is also used to lessen anxiety and stress, balance hormones, boost energy, support cardiovascular function, and improve sex drive.


Indigenous people in Central and South America traditionally used the leaves of the Damiana plant to make a relaxing/aphrodisiac tea. Damiana is still widely used as an herbal tonic and body cleanser. The active chemical in this herb, known as Damianin, has been shown to balance hormones as an Aromatase Inhibitor, as well as a potent herb for lowering blood sugar. This powerful and natural herb is recognized in the Physician's Desk Reference as an herbal medicine for promoting relaxation, weight loss, and for boosting libido.

Saw Palmetto

Sourced from a low growing palm tree, Saw Palmetto is typically used for men with enlarged prostates. However, research has shown that Saw Palmetto can be very effective for women for hormone balance. It promotes beautiful skin by normalizing oil production. As women age, vaginal and uterine tissue can become weak; Saw Palmetto helps strengthen vaginal and uterine tissue to keep them from being stretched or torn.


An annual herb known as Greek hay, Fenugreek is in the pea family (Fabaceae). Cultivated in North Africa, the Middle East, Egypt and India, it has a long history as an ingredient in traditional medicine as it possesses antioxidant, balanced blood sugar, and long term digestive health capabilities. By promoting digestive comfort and normal inflammatory response, Fenugreek is an excellent supportive ingredient for relieving discomfort associated with the menstrual cycle.

Blessed Thistle

This plant has been used in herbal medicine since the middle ages. Blessed Thistle is a supportive supplement for healthy liver, gallbladder, and intestinal function. It is also known for its ability to improve mood especially for women during menstruation and/or menopause.


As one of the most widely used herbs to support women’s health, Fennel is a natural plant compound with antioxidant properties that act as a gentle female hormone. Because of this, Fennel is an effective remedy for regulating menstruation and relieving menopausal symptoms. This herb is also rich in nutrients, supplying everything from vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber.

Pueraria Mirifica

Pueraria Mirifica, also known as White Kwao Krua, has been traditionally used as a vitality enhancer for older women and is the key nutrient that makes Femesse an effective product. This herb is a powerful phytoestrogen that supports the body’s ability to maintain healthy amounts of female hormones. Healthy hormone levels are responsible for supporting normal elasticity and hydration of skin and firm breast tissue.

Wild Yam

Native Americans have used Wild Yam to support normal function of the female body. This plant is often used to relieve menstrual cramps and discomfort for those suffering from endometriosis. Wild Yam safely supports healthy blood sugar levels and normal digestive function. It is also known for relieving menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, and mood changes.


Sourced from the Marshmallow root, this herb was used by King Tut to support a healthy immune system as well as for digestive complaints. We have included this natural herb for its ability to support skin health and lower fluid retention for those experiencing PMS and/or menopause.


Known throughout history as a healing herb and mood stabilizer, Violet promotes liver health. This herb supports normal digestion and eliminates constipation. Violet has also been known to reduce menstrual pain in women.


An extremely popular spice in India, Mexico, and the Middle East, Cumin has antioxidant properties and helps promote normal digestion, blood sugar, and sleep. Cumin is also an excellent supportive nutrient for normal weight maintenance as it boosts metabolism as well as assists in reducing cravings for sweets.


This aromatic flower is known for its presence in beer. Many experts agree that Hops have an anti-anxiety effect, which may be why many feel less tense after drinking a beer. Additionally, hops have hormone-balancing effects for women. In one study, 100 postmenopausal women using a vaginal gel containing hops experienced reduced vaginal dryness, itching, and burning, as well as less pain during intercourse.

Maitake Mushroom

Scientifically known as Grifola frondosa, Maitake Mushrooms are native to Japan. Maitake Mushrooms contain a special type of fiber that has been shown to boost immune function, balance blood sugar levels, promote heart health, and maintain healthy weight. This medicinal food also supports normal glandular function and lymph drainage.


A vegan-sourced fatty extract that is naturally produced by the body’s cells and is the main component of brain tissue. Lecithin supports proper cell function, as well as normal liver, gall bladder, and cardiovascular function. Lecithin is also essential for the regeneration of skin and breast tissue.

Gamma Linoleic Acid

Also known as GLA, Gamma Linoleic Acid is an Omega-6 fatty acid sourced from the evening primrose plant. GLA supports a normal inflammatory response and promotes skin health.

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Arthur Andrew Medical- Neprinol 90 Neprinol (90 Capsules)

Arthur Andrew Medical- Neprinol
Cleanses the blood and supports proper joint and circulatory function.

As we age, our natural enzyme production decreases. Enzymes play a key role in digestion, circulation, and fibrin control. When enzymes are spread too thin, they can’t keep fibrin at a healthy level.

When fibrin—a fibrous protein involved in blood clotting—is out of line, you may experience the following symptoms:

  • Fatigue and discomfort
  • Poor circulation
  • Elevated blood viscosity
  • Delayed healing

While aging is inevitable, symptoms associated with high levels of fibrin don’t have to be.

Neprinol is a blend of all-natural systemic enzymes. Systemic enzymes support healthy levels of fibrin and other debris in the blood. Cleansing the blood of debris can support healthy cardiovascular and liver function as well as maintain a healthy inflammatory response to everyday activity.

Neprinol's microbial and plant-based enzyme blend tested to be more than 500 percent stronger in fibrinolytic activity than the leading animal-based enzyme formulation, based on third party fibrinolytic testing. It’s both effective and vegan-friendly.

How Neprinol Works

The blend of all-natural systemic enzymes in Neprinol break down debris in the blood, such as excess fibrin and other unwanted proteins. Breaking down these components supports normal inflammatory levels in response to stress and restores the blood to its naturally pure state. Systemic enzymes are similar to digestive enzymes. The only difference is systemic enzymes primarily target the bloodstream, instead of the gastrointestinal tract.

Advanced Fibrin Defense

Fibrin is a major component of scar tissue and blood clotting. Healthy adults maintain a normal fibrin equilibrium, which prevents the blood from becoming too thick and sticky. However, aging bodies have a more difficult time maintaining proper blood viscosity.

Neprinol contains a blend of fibrinolytic enzymes that support healthy blood viscosity. When healthy, our bodies will normally secrete sufficient levels of plasmin, an enzyme that acts as a natural blood thinner. Plasmin is responsible for maintaining normal blood viscosity by removing unnecessary proteins, specifically fibrin. Neprinol—like many fibrinolytic enzymes—supports healthy fibrin levels.

Blood Viscosity and Neprinol

Whole blood viscosity is a measure of the blood’s ability to flow freely throughout the arteries and veins in the circulatory system. It’s also described as the thickness and stickiness of blood. Having high blood viscosity increases the resistance of normal blood flow, which causes friction and abrasion against the vessel walls.

Neprinol can help support healthy blood viscosity.

Effective Immune System Support

The immune system is the body's biological system that protects itself from disease. One of the ways the immune system protects the body is by producing antibodies in response to antigens. Antigens are anything in the body that’s capable of inducing an immune response. This includes bacteria, viruses, and even pollen. Antibodies are able to deactivate antigens, but when doing so, they create proteins in the bloodstream.

The superior enzymatic potency of Neprinol can help eliminate these proteins, supporting the body’s natural repair processes as well as limiting inflammation from overexertion.

Efficacy is of the utmost importance to doctor and patient alike. Neprinol addresses this concern with a proven potency that can be administered with confidence by healthcare professionals.

Neprinol Ingredients:


A fibrinolytic enzyme derived from the fermentation of Bacillus subtilis that can help to maintain normal blood viscosity and normal cardiovascular health.


A proteolytic (protein digesting) enzyme with potent fibrinolytic activity can support healthy fibrin concentrations. It has been clinically shown to support healthy mucus viscosity and promote normal recovery after physical stress.


Used systemically, this enzyme digests fats in the blood and can help convert fats into fatty acids, which may be expressed or retained as energy.


A proteolytic enzyme that, when present in blood serum, plays an important role in the blood’s health. It can also help support a healthy immune system and improve circulatory health.


Derived from Indian Gooseberry, amla contains tannic acid, glucose, cellulose, and calcium. Amla helps maintain pH balance, and has a high concentration of naturally derived vitamin C.


A proteolytic enzyme derived from papaya that can promote normal healing and inflammation from overexertion.


A flavonoid (plant pigment) that helps to maintain strong capillaries and connective tissue, as well as healthy blood vessels.


Decreases the proliferation of free radicals, supporting a healthy immune system. Co-Q10 helps promote maintenance of normal cardiovascular function and is a coenzyme that is essential for enzymes to function in the body.


Promotes a healthy cardiovascular system, and is essential for cell repair, hormones, and a regular heartbeat. Magnesium also helps reduce the effects of increased stress.

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Arthur Andrew Medical- Fibrovera 90 Fibrovera (90 Capsules)

Arthur Andrew Medical- Fibrovera
Designed to support normal hormone levels as well as uterine and breast health.

Fibrovera is a gentle option that maintains healthy hormone levels. It’s an all-natural blend of hormone-balancing botanicals and enzymes designed to help women support their hormone levels. Fibrovera also provides fibrinolytic (fibrin-eating) enzymes and co-factors that are specifically selected to promote normal fibrin activity.

How Fibrovera Works

Fibrin is the building block of scar tissue and one of the main components of uterine fibroids, fibrocystic breast disease, and endometriosis. Healthy hormone levels will naturally promote normal fibrin activity as well as support normal premenstrual symptoms. Fibrovera is intended to regulate the hormonal response, restoring natural processes in a woman's body. Each ingredient was carefully selected using only well-researched, clinically supported ingredients.

Estrogen Dominance

The phenomenon of estrogen dominance has been widely discussed with its relationship to excessive fibrin. It is a prime contributor to the deregulation of normal function experienced by women approaching, transitioning, and resolving the challenge of menopause, and also young women experiencing difficulty with menarche (the beginning of fertility).

Issues caused by excessive estrogen can easily be overcome by introducing ingredients that help you process or metabolize unwanted estrogen, while promoting a natural increase in endogenous progesterone. Avoiding environmental factors that introduce synthetic estrogens from chemicals and maintaining a healthy diet can also have a significant impact on your body’s estrogen balance.

No matter what stage of life you’re in, Fibrovera is a great way to replenish missing factors from your diet, naturally. Add it to your daily supplement regimen today to start living a healthier, better-balanced life.

Fibrovera Ingredients:

Fibrinolytic Enzyme Blend

Hormonal changes can often trigger excessive fibrin production. The proprietary fibrinolytic enzyme blend in Fibrovera has been added to support healthy fibrin levels. Fibrinolytic enzymes enhance the normal process of fibrinolysis (fibrin dissolving). Serrapeptase and nattokinase are exceptional fibrinolytic enzymes. Bromelain, an enzyme derived from pineapple, has the potential to soften and digest necrotic (or dead) proteins. Papain, a protease enzyme derived from papaya, is often combined with bromelain to support healthy inflammatory levels. Protease is one of the three pancreatic enzymes produced naturally in the human body and has the ability to break down a wide range of proteins.

Coenzyme Blend

Calcium and magnesium adequacy are essential to pain modulation, as well as cramping and other premenstrual (PMS) symptoms, and are included as active ingredients along with coenzymes. High doses of systemic enzymes can deplete the body’s coenzyme resources. Coenzymes provide the “fuel” necessary to power the processes of enzymes. Magnesium is a very active coenzyme, and is also essential for the proper absorption of calcium.

Hormonal Support Blend

Fibrovera also contains a proprietary blend of hormone modulating compounds that work synergistically to restore hormone balance. P5P, a vitamin B6 derivative, is utilized by the central nervous system in the synthesis of serotonin and norepinephrine. Gamma-Linolenic acid (GLA), is an omega-6 fatty acid that has been shown to support a healthy inflammatory response. Diindolylmethane (DIM), is an extract derived from cruciferous vegetables. DIM has been shown to support estrogen metabolization. The inclusion of Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) indirectly increases progesterone synthesis, in turn supporting hormone balance. The female tonic, Dong Quai, produces a relaxing effect on the muscles of the uterus by decreasing sensitivity to inflammation, making it useful for reducing painful menstruation and tenderness.

Liver Cleansing Blend

As the primary site of processing hormone metabolites, healthy liver function is essential. Milk thistle seed has been studied extensively for its use in supporting healthy liver function. In conjunction with dandelion root and hyssop flowers, it serves to increase the liver’s ability to bind hormonal metabolites to bile and effectively move them into the intestine for excretion.

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